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I wish to God that we really looked like this.........

If ya wanna buy some CD's or T-shirts or something, send like $10 or $15 per disc (or shirt) to;

Dots Will Echo PO Box 22 , Glen Rock, NJ 07452

There's the first disc, then there's "Get Your Hands Off My Modem,You Weasel" and then there's a buncha 3 or 4 song little disc-ie things that I've been giving away at shows. There's also a couple of T-Shirts left. Also we should warn you; we check the PO Box like, once every couple of months, so hang in there.

Here's like a "recent work" discography, but there's so much that I forget........ There's really no titles, so what is there is a description of the covers. I've stopped naming the songs, so again, what follows is what I expect people will most likely call them;


Beyond These Things, Spring Rolls In, Fear Not


God Bless Us All, Pass You By, Your Sweet Child Like Way


Ball Of Fire (Gates Of Eden,) Hold On, It's Alright (The Movies,) I'll Be The One, The Object Of Illusion, Trains (Lullabye)


Walk Away, I Can't Stand Waiting, Farewell To The King

There's also abuncha Noise/Ambient/IDM/whatever stuff released under the name, Norton Antivirus. I'll get to that, at some point. And, I suppose y' really don't have to send like 10 or 15 bucks for a three song disc, just send something. But the T-shirts are goin' for $15.